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3 Punks Brutalize Veteran and Dump Alcohol On His Face, Then Justice Showed Up


3 Punks Brutalize Veteran and Dump Alcohol On His Face

In October 2015, a veteran in an Illinois suburb east of St. Louis was brutally assaulted by a group of three punks while at a gas station.

Though three months have passed since the attack, justice is finally being served, as all three thugs are now in police custody, according to KTVI.

The Washington Park man was pumping gas at a Mobil station when he was approached and violently attacked by the group of thugs, who beat and kicked the veteran into submission, poured alcohol on him and ran over him with a car before leaving him to die.

“The video is rough. It’s pretty graphic. This really hit home for us because the young man is a veteran,” declared Washington Park Police Chief Tony Tomlinson.

“It’s horrible to think that you could go fight for your country, raise your right hand and take the oath and say that you will fight for your country, and you come home and after fighting the enemies, come home to a gas station and get beat up. It’s just tragic,” Tomlinson added.

Amazingly, the veteran survived the horrific attack and is in the process of recovering at home.

The three men arrested for the assault have been charged with aggravated battery and mob action.

Two of the men were arrested nearly two months ago, but the third assailant eluded capture until last week. They have been identified by authorities as Lamarcus Evans, Earl Agnew and Deon Sanders.

“When you commit any type of crime, we have to send a message out here that we are going to work together. We worked with the East St. Louis Police Department, the state police, and Centerville (police) to bring these gentlemen to justice,” Tomlinson said.

Hopefully these three punks are convicted and sentenced to long terms in prison for the terrible violence they visited on this innocent veteran.

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Here is the full video of how it actually went down…