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Burger King has opened a spa – now you can eat your Whopper in the sauna


Burger King is raising its fast food game and letting customers chill in a spa while chomping on a Whopper

Burger King has opened a spa in one of its restaurants, allowing customers to munch a Whopper while sitting in the steam room.

While the idea of chilling out and tucking into a meal sounds like a great idea, chomping on a big burger while sweating from every orifice is probably not as appealing.

Apparently not everyone thinks so, as the restaurant won an award after it installed the 15-seater sauna where customers can lie on blue and orange benches wearing a BK robe.

You can even sit inside the spa and order in, thanks to servers who check in on people using the facility at the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki, Finland.

burger-kingThe aim is to eventually have tablets so customers can order in electronically.

The website says the sauna is “perfect for social gatherings or work” and costs €250 (£200) to hire for three hours.

For your money you get access to the 48” TV and branded towels as well as a spa media lounge, with a 55” TV and Playstation 4.

burger-kingThere’s also a shower room, locker room and a toilet.

burger-kingThere’s one sauna for every three people in Finland, so taking the culture into consideration it makes a little more sense. Or not.

Prudish Brits may want to steer clear, as the Finns tend to steam naked – not the view you want when chewing on your French fries.

The fast food chain’s gimmick is the latest in a weird line of restaurant weird stunts.

KFC in Hong Kong released two Finger Lickin’ Good nail polishes , that taste like fried chicken and a year ago in Taiwan BK staff dressed in maid and sailor uniforms to draw customers in.