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Couple’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ lift goes terribly wrong for engaged couple


couple dirty dance gone wrong

A couple tried to recreate the famous lift from “Dirty Dancing” for their wedding — and landed themselves in the emergency room.

Bride-to-be Sharon Price and fiance Andy Price were left unconscious when a practice attempt at the iconic scene spectacularly flopped.

The pair has watched the ’80s cult classic more than 30 times and wanted to do the lift on their big day.

And after playing around in a pub beer garden, they thought it would be a laugh if they had a go.

Just like Jennifer Grey leaping into the arms of Patrick Swayze, 52-year-old Sharon ran at 51-year-old Andy and was ready for him to hoist her above his head.

But Sharon winded herself and was left struggling for breath, and Andy hit his head so hard, he was knocked out.

The pair of them were left flat out on the grass and relatives with them took photos as they thought they were playing around.

But then they realized the situation was serious and called an ambulance to the scene in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, a small town 140 miles west of London, and the two were rushed to the hospital.

couple dirty dance gone wrong

Sharon said: “I’ve always loved ‘Dirty Dancing’ — it’s one of my all-time favorite films.”

“We were in the beer garden and my niece and nephew were messing around trying to do the lift.”

“So I looked at Andy and suggested that we have it as our first dance at our wedding.”

“We immediately set about trying to recreate that iconic moment. But it’s fair to say it didn’t go to plan.”

“When I ran at Andy, he tried to lift me, but we just collided.”

“At first our family thought we were just messing about, but they soon realized we had actually really hurt ourselves.”

couple dirty dance gone wrong

Paramedics loaded Andy into an ambulance after cutting off his T-shirt, and switched on their emergency lights as they rushed him to the hospital.

Sharon said doctors at the hospital laughed when she told them how the accident happened.

She said: “The paramedics were pretty worried about Andy and cut his T-shirt off and blue-lighted him up to Southmead.

“We are OK now but Andy has a bruised back and neck and my back still hurts.”

Sharon added: “All I could hear was the paramedics saying he was going in and out of consciousness. Our feet were still entwined and they had to separate us.”

“We were both badly bruised but we’re all right now.”

“I think we’re going to go for a slow one for our first dance.”

The couple, who have been together for 18 months, met while working at Seetru Engineering in Bristol.

Andy got down on one knee after Christmas Day lunch last year and proposed and the couple, who are both grandparents, are going to tie the knot next year.

Andy’s niece Kerri, 21, who took the photos, said: “We didn’t know how serious it was until we saw them on the floor.”