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This cozy cinema was designed for snuggling


cozy cinema was designed for snuggling

I’m all about going to the cinema alone. It’s fun, relaxing, and you really don’t need to bring along a buddy to enjoy a film.

But if you are watching solo, this might not be the cinema to go to. Sorry, singles.

The Tuli Cinema, in Slovakia, is a movie theater designed especially for couples to snuggle and cuddle (but, erm, nothing more than that, please) as they watch a film.

Created by designer Michal Stasko, the cinema sits inside fancy hotel the X-Bionic Sphere Resort.

cozy cinema was designed for snugglingInstead of rows of seats and armrests, the theater is sectioned off into little cuddling spots for couples, each with two cozy beanbag chairs where you can sink in, lay back, and enjoy the entertainment.

The colorful panels dividing up the cuddling spots are designed to boost the acoustics, so you get that comfy at-home movie-watching experience combined with the going to the cinema fun.

cozy cinema was designed for snugglingOh, and they feature removable pouches where you can place your popcorn and drinks. Nice.

It’s cozy, colorful, and an absolute delight.

cozy cinema was designed for snugglingThere are only two downsides. 1. It’s in Slovakia, so you’ll need to book a flight if you fancy paying a visit, and 2. It’d be pretty awkward to sit alone in one of those sections as everyone else lovingly cuddles around you.

We reckon someone in the UK should make the exact same thing, but with accommodations made for those of us who like to take ourselves on a nice movie date. We deserve cozy seating just as much as couples do.