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Dentist has to pay up after giving woman ‘shark teeth’



This British woman is making her dentist bite the bullet after he made her teeth look like a shark’s.

Lauren Field, a 21-year-old from Bletchley, England, was awarded $13,000 because her dentist, Dr. Bechar, refused to extract an irritating snaggletooth.

“I thought he’d pull the baby tooth out, but he said it would fall out naturally,” Field, who first noticed pain in her gums at age 10, tells Caters News Agency. “Then my adult tooth began to grow horizontally, which cut against my lip, making it bleed.”

While she went to another dentist at 18 to have the problem tooth removed, Field now has to wear braces and is worried that employers won’t take her seriously.

“I am having to go through this traumatic experience as an adult,” she says.

Field and her dentist decided on an out-of-court settlement.