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Drinking gin can speed up your metabolism, study finds


Drinking Gin

Spring is here, summer is around the corner – and a new medical study has some good news to celebrate the sunshine.

Gin is good for your metabolism.

That is according to researchers at Latvia’s University of Sigulda.

The study, published in the journal Food & Nature, assessed how the alcoholic beverage affected calories in mice.

They found the tipple triggers an ‘after burn’ effects that enhances your body’s ability to burn calories for a whole hour after you finish your drink.

In fact, the mice who were fed regular doses of the spirit saw a 17 percent increase in their metabolic rate, according to Yahoo.

Lead author, Professor Thisa Lye, said: ‘Consumption of gin resulted in a marked increase in metabolic rate, which indicates the spirit may have a slimming effect on the body.’

This likely stems from the core ingredient: antioxidant-rich juniper berries.

These berries, common in Europe, are a natural diuretic and aid digestion, helping to ease bloating.

In natural medicine, juniper has also been used to ease inflammation in joints for people with arthritis.

In fact, a 2008 study published in the Journal of Diabetes Nursing found gin and tonic is the safest alcohol drink for people with type 1 diabetes, given juniper’s rejuvenating qualities that help to ease inflammation of the arteries.

Granted, all these health benefits will be crushed if you pair your spirit with a highly calorific mixer like quinine-heavy tonic or a sugar-sweetened juice.

Gin is one of the lowest-calorie spirits available, with just 97 calories per shot.

However, sugar-sweetener mixers fuel bloating, destabilize metabolism, and affect digestion.

To avoid extra calories, try pairing your gin with a slim-line tonic, and add rosemary, basil or cucumber for a twist of flavor.