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Driver’s Mercedes crunches $300,000 Ferrari at Virginia car meetup



GREAT FALLS, Va – Katie’s Cars & Coffee really lived up to its motto as “the place to be on Saturday mornings.”

While attempting to parallel park, a woman backed her Mercedes-Benz 380SL Roadster convertible over a Ferrari 458 Speciale, worth around $300,000, outside Katie’s Classic Cars & Coffee.

Footage on Instagram shows the woman, with a man and two boys as passengers, after the crash. The stunned Ferrari owner then notices what happened.

“That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen,” the owner said, as spectators filmed the crash.

Replying to the owner, the shocked woman said, “Oh my god, I am shaking.”

Photos after the Mercedes was moved away from the Ferrari show considerable scuffs and scratches across the Ferrari’s hood and bumper.

No one was hurt — except likely the offender’s bank account.

The cafe said on its website, it’s the “premiere automotive enthusiast gathering in the Washington D.C. / Virginia / Maryland area. Attracting hundreds of exotics, antiques and classic vehicles weekly, Katie’s is the place to be on Saturday mornings!”

Warning: Graphic language used.