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Girl with artificial limb breaks down after getting doll with leg to match hers


Emma was fitted with a prosthetic leg as a toddler and her emotional reaction to a special gift from her parents has gone viral

Video footage of the moment a girl bursts into tears as she unwraps a specially made doll with a prosthetic leg “like me” has gone viral.

Emma Bennett, aged 10 and from Texas, was born with a rare birth defect which meant her leg was amputated when she was nine months old.

She was subsequently fitted for a prosthetic limb as a toddler.

Despite this, her family says she has always kept a positive attitude and made it on to the school cheer-leading squad.

But while other girls played with dolls that looked similar to their own bodies, young Emma was reminded she was different.

So when she received the special gift from her parents – a customized one-legged doll – the reaction of her, and surely everyone w ho has watched the video since, is overwhelming.

The moment has since gone viral, generating almost 20 million views and nearly 200,000 shares on Facebook.

The video begins in the family living room, where Emma’s younger sister brings her a gift box.

She opens the box and gasps when she spots the doll, exclaiming “You’ve got to be kidding me!” before hugging it tight.


Emma then bursts into tears and cries out: “It’s got a leg like me!”

Her mother, Courtney Fletcher Bennett, reads a letter about the doll’s journey.

The toy was made by New York-based A Step Ahead Prosthetic, which specialists in building realistic-looking limbs.

At the end of the video, Emma looks to the camera through tears and says to its makers: “Thank you, thank you for making a doll like me.”