10 Best Keto Diet Supplements

Best Keto Diet

  Can you take supplements on keto? Definitely, and there are many reasons why you should. Keto supplements offer benefits like helping you get into ketosis, supporting you while your body adjusts to running off of ketones, and offering support for appetite control. Keto supplements — such as exogenous ketones, multivitamins with electrolytes, low-carb keto protein powders and MCT...

Man who only wanted a shot of whiskey trapped in awkward situation when bartender attacks woman who spanked her

server punched her in the face

A recent viral video serves as a valuable lesson about consent: Make sure you get it. Simple enough, right? A bartender at Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans was performing her job when a woman slapped her butt. Shocked, the bartender quickly spun around and hit the other woman in the face. Just wanted a shot of fireball — Tyler Gamble (@_Ty_Ga_) August 12, 2018 Spirits...

Man with ‘prostate issue’ pees in deli meat case at Michigan grocery store

Man with ‘prostate issue’ pees in deli

A Michigan man faces charges after he was caught peeing in a grocery store display case, according to police. The suspect said he just couldn’t hold it. The 69-year-old suspect hasn’t been identified, but police said they cited him Sunday nightafter someone snapped a picture of him urinating onto pre-packaged hot dogs in a Kroger grocery store deli meat display case in...

“Amish Uber” Is Coming And The Community Is Excited

Amish Uber

Up until you get your driver's license, most people have to depend on public transportation to get around , which can be a real pain in the keister. This is especially true if you're one of the nearly 320,000 members of the Amish community in the United States. Although these individuals make up less than one percent of the country's population, they live...

North Carolina Teacher and Softball Coach, 26, Accused of Sexual Activity with Teen Student

Softball coach sex with student

A North Carolina teacher has been arrested and accused of having sexual activity with a teen student. Kayla Sprinkles, 26, was arrested on June 7 after a grand jury handed down a five-count felony indictment on charges of sexual activity with a student. PEOPLE confirmed the charges with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office told ABC 11 that the investigation began...

Mom accused of killing her babies by cooking them alive in oven

Mom accused of killing her babies by cooking them alive in oven

An Atlanta mom is accused of killing her 1- and 2-year-old sons by cooking them alive in an oven — and then sending their father footage of the grisly aftermath. Investigators say Lamora Williams crammed the boys — Ke’Younte Penn, 2, and Ja’Karter Williams,1 — in the oven some time between midnight Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution...

Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship. Now she’s running for Congress.

Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship

WASHINGTON  - Florida has a U.S. senator who once flew aboard the Space Shuttle. A congressional candidate from Miami can go one better: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera says she’s been aboard a spaceship too. But this one was crewed by aliens. As in extraterrestrials. Three blond, big-bodied beings — two females, one male — visited her when she was 7 years old...

Air Force fitness model just wants to serve her country

Air Force fitness model just wants to serve her country

A post shared by Alysia Macedo (@alysia_magen) on Jun 11, 2017 at 3:41am PDT A jaw-dropping fitness model who serves in the US Air Force has amassed legions of fans for her stunning pics — both in and out of uniform. Alysia Macedo, who was just 19 when she joined the service, regularly posts pics of herself working out and wearing...

Two Moms Arrested After Allegedly Overdosing With Their Two Infants in the Backseat

Two Moms Arrested After Allegedly Overdosing With Their Two Infants in the Backseat

Two Florida moms allegedly overdosed on heroin with their infant children in the backseat on Thursday, police said. Kristen Leigh O'Connor, 28, and 29-year-old June Schweinhart were found overdosed in their vehicle after one called 911 for help, according to the Boynton Beach Police Department. Cops said that O’Connor told them that she picked up Schweinhart in an SUV and the pair...

Going to a Concert? Be prepared with these quick decisions


People are horrified and scared in the wake of Sunday night’s mass shooting of concertgoers in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this kind of attack has happened in the U.S., which has left many people with the same question: What should I do if I’m in the same situation? There are many potential variables when it comes...