Some idiot had this phone case in his back pocket at Stansted airport


    iphone case

    Call us spoilsports, but airports aren’t really the best place for bomb jokes, quips about hijacking, or carrying anything that looks like a gun in your back pocket.

    Anything at all. Even if it’s just an innocent iPhone case.

    Bizarrely, someone actually did pack a ‘gun’ in the back of their trousers, its silhouette and handle in full view to other travelers, staff and security forces.

    The man it belonged to was lucky not to be surrounded by a SWAT team after the grip was spotted poking out beneath his tshirt at Stansted Airport near London.


    Essex Police tweeted about the incident, saying ‘Bringing this to an airport makes it much less likely you’ll catch your plane’.

    We’re not sure if this man did get to his destination on time, but hopefully he’ll get a less contentious case for his next journey.
    Maybe just a plain red one or one of those ones that gives you extra battery.
    Probably for the best.