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Man who only wanted a shot of whiskey trapped in awkward situation when bartender attacks woman who spanked her


server punched her in the face

A recent viral video serves as a valuable lesson about consent: Make sure you get it. Simple enough, right?

A bartender at Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans was performing her job when a woman slapped her butt. Shocked, the bartender quickly spun around and hit the other woman in the face.

Spirits on Bourbon boasts a red barber chair, where customers sit to have a shot of liquor poured into their mouth. According to the bar’s website, the beloved chair belonged to a man named Edward DeBoire, who ran a successful barbershop in the building. “The free-flowing drinks and beautiful Creole ladies called Edward in the most unnatural way,” according to lore, and he met a tragic death at 33. The chair has since been kept in the bar to ease his spirit.

The server was pouring a shot into a customer’s mouth when the assault happened. Meanwhile, the man just really wanted a shot of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

After the woman, who looked shocked that she was attacked after she touched a person without their permission, was taken outside by security, the bartended finished pouring the shot and shimmied her breasts in the man’s face.

Tyler Gamble, the customer in the first video, confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that customers agreed to the actions of the bartender when they sat in the chair, including a shot pouring poured into their mouths and their face being brought into the woman’s chest.

One Twitter user put it best by writing that the bartender had consent from the man, but “becky no hands assumed she was entitled to touch” the woman without consent.


Apparently, another woman later tried to touch the bartender and was met with the same swift hook.


Tyler told Yahoo Lifestyle that he “thought [the bartender] was great and just doing her job,” and that she wasn’t being aggressive without just cause to the other women.

Spirits on Bourbon did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.