Home News Mom Leaves Infant Daughter in Car in 96-Degree Heat to Eat Pizza

Mom Leaves Infant Daughter in Car in 96-Degree Heat to Eat Pizza



With some of the summer’s hottest temperatures so far scorching much of America, police say one Arkansas woman made the decision to leave her infant daughter in the car while she ate pizza.

Police in Jonesboro in the northeast corner of the state cited Brittany Reeder, 25, with child endangerment Wednesday after they say she left her 4-month-old daughter in the car outside a Larry’s Pizza.

According to KAIT, it was 96 degrees outside with a heat index of 108.

Reeder herself reportedly called 911 herself after her aunt asked about the baby 10 to 15 minutes after they went into the restaurant.

Officer Keith Baggett said in his report that Reeder told him the baby was sleeping when she arrived to the restaurant and she decided to leave her in the car.

According to Baggett, Reeder “could not give a logical reason why she would leave her child in the vehicle during these conditions” and the ignition was off and the windows all rolled up.

When Reeder removed the baby from the car, she called 911 because she was acting strangely. Reeder was “very distraught about the situation” according to the report.

An ambulance transported the girl to a hospital, where her body temperature was reportedly 99.9 degrees around 45 minutes after she was taken from the car.

Police forwarded their report to the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Hotline for a possible investigation.