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Mugshot of mother with tattooed EYEBALLS and a forehead tattoo


Girl with tattoo

A young woman shot to internet fame this week when her mugshot went viral following an arrest in South Carolina.

Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, can be seen displaying her numerous face tattoos, and more terrifying, her blacked out eyes.

tattooed eyeball girl

Her photo has drummed up a huge response on social media, with one news site declaring it the mugshot that will ‘haunt your dreams’.

The explanation for the glassy opaqueness of her eyes is likely that she’s had the whites of her eyeballs tattooed.

Varn was arrested on charges of kidnapping, robbery and property damages earlier this week in Indian Land.

Police said they were familiar with Varn, as deputies in nearby York County helped deliver her baby, a girl named Nala, in 2015.

According to the York Herald, Varn’s water broke and she began going into labor without enough time to get to the hospital, and was aided by Deputies John Stagner and Blake Haynes.

‘Thank God for these cops who were there for us,’ Varn said at the time.

This week, Varn and Jonathan Mikael Robinson, 23, allegedly robbed a man of his phone and money, who then called police, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Varn and Robinson reportedly refused to leave the townhome on Sandal Brook Road and threatened to shoot the occupants inside, forcing officers to bring in a SWAT team.

Varn and Jonathan Mikael Robinson

Varn reportedly told police: ”I’m not coming out, and unless you have a search warrant you are not coming in, so go away!’

The victim said that he knew Varn, and that she had invited him over to her townhome before stealing his belongings. He also said she threatened him with an ashtray.

After a standoff that lasted for several hours, the pair were arrested and charged. Police also found a handgun in the home that had been reported as stolen in a car break-in earlier this year.

‘We had three people and a pistol inside that home and for hours and did everything we could to get them to come out,’ Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said.

‘When they didn’t, we had to go in and get them. Fortunately, no weapons were discharged and nobody was hurt.’

Both Varn and Robinson remain in jail without bond.