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New Parents Walk Into Baby’s Hospital Room And Find His Mouth Taped Shut. It Isn’t Until Later That They Find Out Who Did It.


Sleeping Baby

A new mother and father were furious to discover the way their newborn was being treated at the hospital where they had given birth.

Daily Mail UK reported that the baby’s parents, Ryan Noval and Jasmine Badocdoc, walked into their baby’s hospital room to find his mouth taped completely shut.

According to the Sun Star Cebu, they had to leave their baby boy at Cebu Maternity Hospital in the Philippines to be treated for an infection.

Their anger only worsened when they asked the nurse why there was tape across their 6-day-old baby’s mouth, as the nurse reportedly told them it was because he was ‘crying non-stop’ and was being ‘too noisy’, The Inquisitor reported.

The mother, who couldn’t believe what she was hearing, asked the nurse to remove the tape from her infant’s mouth.

But to her dismay, the nurse not only refused to remove the tape, but instructed the mother to do it herself, The Inquisitor reported.

The nurse’s retort made the mother even more uncomfortable and she shared her concerns with the nurse, telling her she didn’t want to remove the tape herself because she was afraid she would hurt her son.

In the end, after a lot of reluctance, the nurse finally caved in and took the tape off the baby; however, not without making the baby cry, because when she took the tape off, some of the baby’s skin reportedly came off his lips.

In an effort to stand up for her family, the furious mother went to the nursing supervisor to complain and report the terrible incident she had just experienced.

But the response she got from the nursing supervisor only made her more upset, as The Inquisitor reported that the supervisor told her the tape was necessary for the baby to suck on his pacifier because it kept falling from his mouth.

It wasn’t until later on that the parents discovered why their baby had been crying so much—and the father, Ryan Noval, took to his Facebook page and wrote, “It was discovered by Jasmine that our baby had peed his diaper!!! Was there just NO TIME to check that [the diaper]? Do you just put tape over a baby’s mouth just because he’s too noisy? Did you take time to inspect and do your job properly? ARE YOU RESPECTABLE???”

Since finding out the nurse put tape over the baby’s mouth rather than change his diaper, the parents have filed a complaint against the hospital and an investigation is underway.