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Daycare Busted For Running Toddler Fight club


Daycare Busted For Running Toddler Fightclub

The first rule of baby fight club is — don’t ever have a baby fight club.

A judge found a former Virginia day care worker guilty of more than a dozen abuse charges, including child cruelty, after she started a “baby fight club” with the toddlers in her class.

In a horrifying case of abuse, Sarah Jordan was convicted for traumatizing her Minnieland Academy class, full of 16-month to 2-year-old toddlers, and faces 41 years in prison.

The Tyler Durden-wannabe’s little tykes fight club was busted after a Sept. 2013 report by the Virginia Department of Social Services accused her of abusing children for at least six months.

The investigation showed Jordan, 31, and fellow teacher Kierra Spriggs would encourage brawls between babies while roughing up some children herself.

One witness reported seeing the day care staff’s cruel antics: stomping on toddler’s toes when the babies weren’t wearing shoes, and laughing.

During the summer, the report said the twisted teachers targeted toddlers who were afraid of water and dunked them into a portable pool, cackling as the terrified children cried.

They would also blast kids in the face with a powerful hose and dump buckets of water on their heads.

Instead of helping toddlers change their dirty diapers, the staff would tell them to “get away and that they stink,” the report stated.

Jordan was also accused of feeding children “Flaming Hot Cheetos” and laughing as they reeled from the intense spiciness.

During her trial, she denied all of these accusations, but admitted to light water-play with the kids.

“I used it to get the children wet, like a sprinkler,” she said.

Jordan’s cruel antics traumatized the toddlers, parents testified at the trial.

Parents said the kids turned violent at home, mimicking the monster teacher and stomping on their parents toes, NBC Washington reported.

“She would stomp her mom’s feet. She would run in and slap us for no apparent reason and start giggling,” Adam Smith testified.

Some became terrified of water and refused to take baths. Most toddlers cried when they had to go to the center.